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A Twilight Series Fan Community
Open Auditions 
26th-Dec-2007 05:35 pm
Forks High Mods
Hello everyone! You may or may not have heard of forks_high, which is an uber-awesome Twilight roleplaying community on Livejournal. We are pretty full, but had to do some re-shuffling and are now currently accepting applications for the following characters:

- Edward Cullen
- Alice Cullen
- Emmett Cullen
- Jessica Stanley
- Lauren Mallory

If you would be interested in being a part of a wonderful RPG featuring our favorite mythical creatures, please email your application to forkshigh@gmail.com

Please follow this format for applications:

Your name:

Your Livejournal:

Character name:

Character age (must be feasible for either junior or senior year in high school):


First-person sample:

Third-person sample:

Other contact information:

Thanks, guys! And hope to hear from you!

(x-posted in many places!)
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