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A Twilight Series Fan Community
Dangerous Pact -based loosely on Edward/Bella in Eclipse 
22nd-Apr-2007 02:56 pm
just a little poem i wrote. :) hope you like it.

The shock of emerald I loved so much fades to mint as only pain echoes in those eyes.
Her mouth agape as if to scream, but no sound escapes the lips.
Ruby drains from her face, leaving silver and cold cheeks and I wonder,
"What have I done?"
My answer arrives,
"She wanted this. She wanted...forever."

Her bones are tense, muscles pulled taut and I can't remember ever being in so much pain as she appears to be in now.
Maybe I wasn't.
Or maybe she is just overdramatic.

Cerise pools under her flesh, making the devil's halo around the shiny golden band.
Her bright eyed smile radiant in my mind as she uttered the binding phrase are the furthest from her condemned expression now.
The warmth of those plush lips as I kissed her are only a memory as her lips pull back in a snarl.
She chokes and blood pools in her mouth.
I rush to her side, lifting her body as she gags, blood spilling to the floor.
Her eyes rolled back, she gags and shakes as if possessed.

I hold her in my arms, rocking back and forth and a single thought causes my pained growl to shake the room.
"Finish the job. Stop her suffering."
My teeth clenched, my jaw unmovable I shake with anger.
I am a monster with intentions purely selfish.

Her blood is no longer appealing to me as it stains the stark white tiles.
In this state she is anything but appealing.
She is abominble.

Her body ceases to shake and I lay her to rest back on the floor.
She appears to be dead but soon she will rise.
Soaked in her forgotten life, I leave this waiting room of Hell.
I can't bear to see her wake, see the bloodlust in her eyes.
This is no life for her but it could not be stopped.
She made me do it,
"I promise."
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