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A Twilight Series Fan Community
Mod Post 
26th-Dec-2007 09:35 pm
Hello Everyone! It's me, porcelain_keri. I'm now misery_anthem.
A while back I got a new account and seriously neglected this community.*smacks hand* (bad Keri!)
but now I'd like to bring it back!
It's been a while since we've had much activity here (and that is something I blame entirely on myself).
But I would love to make up for it.

Please, tell others about us, get us out there and let's make this community the great fan-unity that the Twilight series deserves!

If anyone would like to make banners for promoting, to post in members' profiles or journals then it would be VERY VERY appreciated!


If you'd like to be a mod then please fill out this short application:
Why do you want to be a mod?:
Do you have any talents to offer [icon maker, banners, layouts, etc]? (this will by no means disqualify you if you do not but if you do it would help this community greatly):

We also need a new layout.
If you would be willing to make a layout please let me know! :)
27th-Dec-2007 07:09 am (UTC)
Hmm...I'd love to help out!

Name: Samz =]
Livejournal: xxrox_my_soxxx
Reason: Well, for one...I'm pretty much addicted to the Twilight series, I like the mod, and I think it would be really fun! Hehe.
Talents: Haha, I used to make icons...my wrists aren't the best these days, but I think I can manage a few for this cause. =] A wallpaper or two might be called for as well. But yeah.
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